Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zanzibits-center for Films and Multimedia:

My life with Zanzibits:
In the life. No one knows what tomorrow will happen exactly… so never lose hope, because you don’t know what you are going to get tomorrow. I remember that when I got bad result of form four (4). I knew that my subjects have reached the wall… but was not that! I went to Zanzibits where I changed my life and I started to see the light in education, as now I’m web and Graphical designer, than I got the chance to learn with no payment, this was some thing that I didn’t expect to happen in my life, but came and start completing my dreams. In Zanzibits as the center for films and Multimedia” it’s program to teach students in terms (course 1, course 2 course 3 and 4)

In the first course to Zanzibitis, as “behind the screen” I was real interested with this course, as to increase my education level as the foundation to designing skills, I real enjoyed the course… and one thing interested me! In this course was ‘warming up games’ we were always making warming up games before we start learning, and one of that was… ZIP ZAP game if you show right hand you have to say zip and if you point out you fellow by left hand you just say Zap if you are complicated with these words you are out of the game. And it’s continuing. Was real enjoyable Zanzibits with warming up games… but not only this but also we learnt introduction to computer application, and internet, using of Adobe photo shop and designing like business cards, cd covers and making posters.

This was my first business card that I designed.

Here is Our Tanzania nation flag, was a task to design it.

I tried my level best to make sure that my busy card looks nice, due to that I changed it's color to have another look!

As days were going on, we were growing with designing skills. I came to see my self that I'm different from my first designs to others, so I kept my self busy, so as to learn more, to pass the course, so as to
learn with the second course, as my dream to complete all courses, given out by Zanzibits. thanks a lot cause I got what i expected!

Crossing big hindrance, uplifting my designing skills

My life with the second course:
After crossed the hindrance of the first course to inter the second course Mhhh… it was real hard to pass the exam for course 2, because we were about thirty students, who were learning in course(1) and needed only fifteen students to continue with the course(2), so due to that it was real heard, and very hot competition to get the chance to continue with course(2), Even that I blessed my “God” that I got the chance to move my step forward.
Me and In side the web in Zanzibits life:
In this course was more of design Explanation and theory, it took me time to learn heard, once after coming to see my self that Now I’m in the ‘In side the web’ course(2) we clearly started to learn about web design, increasing our thinking capacity. So here more of thinking games, learning of creativity topics, about colors and their perspectives… but this interest me a lot to know colors in their meaning and perspectives. And more of Internet to search material from websites using search engines like Google. With this course we started to know well even to learn online. So these all help us now in other courses.

this is the flower that i designed by papers and colored it.

In learning progress we learnt also about color and their meaning
here is color wheel.

this is a cartoon that i designed by the aim to improve my skills, and is always make me laugh!!

Trying of web template...

Zanzikids and Animation Films:

Animation and Filming in life process:
Together with Zanzibits team, we all fifteen students, here we got the chance to inter the third course real I enjoyed and interested with this course a lot especially in making short animation films. We learnt so many subjects it’s all about life and computer skills, like Web designs, short animation films, Editing videos, Directing films, Photography. And also we have been taught to present our selves to the stage or any were else as presentation skills, this to have world communication skills, and so on likes Brand and marketing skills.
Here are some of my works I did:
These are some of my pictures that i photoed in photography process.

Ziwatue Street in green color.

Sada Mohammed while she is really happy!!

Here is a task to make a poster about Zanzibits.

A home page from my first web design in task

Every days were going on my designing skills was growing up, this is now my web template.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Zanzibits offers us Media lab as the Attribute of courses:

As Fruits attributes of Food was Zanzibits offer to Media lab:
Like every thing has got its decoration, to look nice. As Zanzibits offers us to lean Media lab course so as to balance the subjects well.
In this course Attribute of Html taken a place, like Css, JavaScript , and others Even making a web log that this ‘ is my own blog
And in this course we have learnt already how to work with organization and clients, and orthodoxy to help others in learning progresses. By helpings of Zanzibits, now I come to see the light in my life. And I hope to learn more and more!! So we are having our last graduation on 17-12-2009 here we are going to complete the Zanzibits course
I thank a lot Zanzibits- school for film and Multimedia in Zanzibar that teach for free for whole of Time and Subjects, any one can join with this from Zanzibar especially Youth. And any one is allowed to give his/her contribution to Zanzibits like an old computer, flat screen, digital camera, laptop, mouse or any thing you think we can Use!! For more information of Zanzibits please check the website which is or emailing through those explanations were about my life in Zanzibits School. My suggestion to you is… “Please don’t loose the hope one day you are going to be succeeded”.
Here I have some works that we still going on designing them.

we had a task to come up with our own company that is not exist, and making three products about your company, designing of busy card, poster and website.
this is my company busy card

this is my company poster

Here is the template of my website, as my first page looks!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The friend in need is the friend in deed!!

Hi, all!

It’s good to know each other in deed, as the only weapon to make strengthens of friend ship.

Here more explanation about my self…

My name is Abdullah Sulayman Mohammed. I was born within a Bi.Sadas' family which has been blessed with six (6) members, of four Brothers and two Sisters, under control of Mrs.Sada Said Mohammed” simultaneously with Mr .Idrisa Ally”. as the parents of family, at Ziwatue In Zanzibar-Tanzania. In 1996 my Mother sent me to school which is Kilmahewa Primary school, located in Urban west in Zanzibar, I learnt there for seven years, from standard one (1) to seven (7) than we made examination, but Unfortunately I failed the examination!! Than we all failed student sent to closer school, which is Kwamtipura, to continue with secondary subjects. so here when I interred orientation class, for being prepare with form one (1), I learnt more about English Language in one tuition which was called Star light found at Amani branch. So I continued with learning, up I got the chance to make my form two (2) national examination, for good luck I passed my Exam!! And stared to learn in form three (3) was in 2006, and the followed year, I made my form four (4) Tanzania national Examination, but for bad luck, I failed my Exam was in 2007.

So I came to see myself, Education has reached to the wall! But I tried my level best, to make sure that I lean, therefore, I started to work and learning about Italian language at Kiwengwa in North of Unguja-Zanzibar, And in 2009, I got the chance to join with Zanzibits-center for Film and Multimedia. here now came to see my dreams come true.